UnNeutral | Black History Month: Action, not words

Black History Month: Action, not words

The theme for Black History Month 2022 is “Time for Change: Action Not Words.”

I won’t lie, when starting this blog I was slightly daunted by the question “As a white man, is it my place to write this?” 

I’m still unsure of the answer, but I know I continually want to do my best to amplify the voices of black activists, creators and people – not just as part of a monthly trend, but every day. 

So to get started, I think we first need to look at what ‘allyship’ really is. For me, this is best answered by the people from the Black History Month 2022 campaign:

“Being an ally means moving beyond short-term or performative gestures and taking real, long-term action. In the workplace, in places of education and learning, and in the public sphere, this means having policies in place that achieve real outcomes. As an individual, it means actually practising what you preach. In the wake of 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests, many organisations and individuals committed to tackling racism.”

Black History Month, 2022

So, essentially, being an ally means not just being ‘not racist’ yourself, but being actively being ‘anti-racist’ and doing everything you can to uplift ethnic-minority voices and deconstruct the systems that oppress them. For more information on this, I found this useful guide that sheds a bit more light

This month, Ubuntu Studio is committed to highlighting the work of some amazing black owned/run activism groups, which you will be able to find on all of our socials. 

As a company based in Bristol — a city which has an unfortunate and tortuous past, having been heavily involved in the Atlantic Slave Trade – we’ll also be focusing on our city’s history and actions moving forward in light of the Black Lives Matter movement which has played a big role in shaping its future. 

Bristol is one of seven host cities for a national art project to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Enslavement of African people and its impact on all of us. Artists, local schools and communities will be involved in a sculpture trail around the city. Find out more on The Word Reimagined website, or for more information and how to get involved, you can get in touch with Cleo Lake via email

We will be diving a little deeper into this month’s BHM theme in some upcoming Ubuntu blogs, however we recommend you check out the Black History Month 2022 website to find out more about events and talks that will be happening throughout the country this October. 

Here’s to a better, kinder world where we work together to do our part in becoming an actively ‘anti-racist’ society.